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12 Chinese Zodiac.NFT
December 2021 - Now
Project Type: 2D Art, Illustration, Graphic Design, UI/UX
Software: Adobe Illustrator, Figma, Wix


12 Chinese Zodiac NFT is a collection of NFT collectibles inspired by the traditional Chinese zodiac.

Project Websites:

What I did for this project:​

  • Conceived and initiated this crazy 12 years long-term NFT project

  • Design the character of Tiger 2202 collections

  • Draw vector art in Adobe Illustrator

  • Export each element/part separately and generate 1000 different pieces by random combining them

  • Mint 1000 pieces on Ploygon chain and set the Minting page

  • Design the official website with another co-founder in Figma

  • Build the website in Wix

  • Manage opensea webpage

  • Organzie user community 

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