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Doomsday: Last Survivors
July 2021 - August 2021
Project Type: Cinematic Visual Development
Software: Unreal Engine 4


This is an experimental cinematic project made for the Doomsday: Last Survivors(IGG GAMES)

It is a screen-recording project and the video was captured by a 4K monitor at 60fps fresh rate.

What I did for this project:​

  • Researching and making mood-board

  • Looking for assets in Unreal Marketplace and Quixel Megascan

  • Setting dress 3D assets and particles

  • Adjusting lighting(directional light, skylight, spotlight, exponential fog, post-process and etc)

  • Writing shaders and adjusting materials in Unreal Engine

  • Making and adjusting particles in Unreal engine with Niagara Visual Effect System

  • Optimizing the environment and characters to make sure they run at 4K, 60fps.

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