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Awaiting Sunset
November 2021 - November 2021
Project Type: 3D Environment and Lighting
Software: Unreal Engine 4


Awaiting Sunset is a 3d video made in Unreal Engine. I am trying to re-create the beauty of the sunset and new moon on Iona Beach at Richmond, Great Vancouver. I composited the environment and lighting. The lighting is all dynamic and real-time rendered.


The beauty of sunset and dusk is always fascinating and marvelous
The light and color are dazzling and dynamic
Nature is always the greatest artist
There are countless artworks about sunrise and sunset
I am also trying to re-present this great beauty with my technology and skills
Hope you enjoy it and wish you were here.

What I did for this project:​

  • Compose the scene and adjust the lighting in UE4

  • Place and adjust the camera in UE4

  • Animate the sunlight in UE4

  • Edit rendered video in Premiere Pro


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